Sweet Dreams Limousine in Prince George, BC

Frequently Asked Questions

Rental Tips

Ask the limousine company if their limousines are smoking or non-smoking.

Most limousines will be non-smoking, but it is wise to ask. If you are a non-smoker or
have allergies you may not want to spend several hours in a limousine that has been
smoked in. Arriving at the church for your wedding ceremony smelling like cigarette
smoke from the limousine when you don’t smoke is probably not what you had planned.

If you are a smoker and you know in advance that the limousine is non-smoking you can then plan your sightseeing stops for smoke stops as well.

It is always good to ask in advance if you are allowed to bring alcohol into the limousine.

Most limousine companies allow adults of legal drinking age to bring alcoholic beverages into the limousine. Ask your limousine provider in advance to be sure.

How do I choose a limousine company that will look after me and provide excellent
service for my special occasion?

Limousine service varies from company to company. You will want to choose a
company that is reputable and professional. From your first interaction with the
limousine company you should be treated with respect and professionalism. Does the company have any testimonials from previous clients that they will share with you? Do they have a description of their service packages in writing? Ask if the company belongs to any business / industry associations.

Ask about the dress code for the chauffeur. Will they be in formal or casual wear?

You probably don’t want the chauffeur showing up in blue jeans and a T-shirt for your
special occasion. Ask the limousine company prior to booking your reservation about the dress code/uniform for the chauffeurs. If the limousine company has a website they may have photographs of their chauffeurs on the website

How far in advance should I book my limousine?

If you want your choice of limousine on the date of your event, book as soon as you have your plans in place. For spring and summer when grads, proms and weddings are taking place you especially need to book early to reserve a limousine. These dates sell out very quickly. Proms and Grads should book as soon as they know the date of the event as there is so much demand at this time of year. Weddings are often booked a year in advance to secure a limousine for their date.

Am I required to pay a deposit when I book?

Most companies require a deposit to hold your reservation. If you have paid a deposit the reservation will be held for you. If you have not paid a deposit you risk losing your date and time to another client. Providing a deposit shows the limousine company that you are serious and committed to that date and time.

Should I view the limousine I am planning to book?

You should know what type of limousine you are booking. Not all limousines are the
same. If the limousine company has a website you may be able to view pictures of the
limousines in their fleet on the website. Otherwise, you should make an appointment to
view the limousines in person. It is always good to schedule a time in advance to view
the limousines as the limousines may not be in when you come to see them.

Is the chauffeur tip included in the price of the limousine rental and if not how
much should I tip the chauffeur?

The chauffeur gratuity is not usually included in the price of the limousine rental. It is
standard industry practice to tip the chauffeur 15 - 20% of the limousine rental cost. The chauffeur is there to serve you for the time you have rented the limousine. If the service you receive is excellent then it is courtesy to tip for the service the chauffeur provided for you.

Can I bring more people than I originally booked for?

If you booked a limousine for 8 people and you realize you’re going to have 12, you may need to change your limousine booking. Limousines are licensed for a maximum number of passengers and can not go above that number of passengers. Better to book two limousines or a larger limousine than have some of your guests left out.

Should I get something in writing from the limousine company when I make a

It is always good to have something in writing identifying the date and time of limousine
rental as well as the cost of this service and receipt of any deposit made. A copy of
company rules and regulations should be included so you are aware of any extra charges that could be incurred.

Is it risky to shop around for a limousine company based on price alone?

One of the biggest mistakes you could make is shopping for a limousine service based on price alone. Your limousine company must purchase limousines, maintain and operate their limousines complying with safety standards, have adequate insurance and hire and train professional staff.

The saying “you get what you pay for”, is usually true in the limousine industry as well as other service industries. You will not get a 5 Star Hotel with 1st Class service for a low budget price. Risks of hiring the cheapest limousine company are an old, dirty and poorly maintained vehicle, unprofessional chauffeurs, inadequate insurance, late service or a no-show.

Do your homework, ask questions and get references from family, friends and co-workers who have used a limousine service in your city. You may save $100.00 on the limousine for your wedding, but if the limousine leaves you in the rain during your photos in the park to go do another job before he comes back to pick you up you will have wished you didn’t shop on price alone.

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